Fundraising Event and Nonprofit Controversy article

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Name Instructor Course Date Fundraising Event and Nonprofits Controversy Article Q1: Fundraising Plan: The Foundation Charity Gala Dinner: Proceeds from the Event will Benefit Children Cancer Centers The Foundation Charity Gala is a charity event that will be channeled to different cancer centers for children across the country. The occasion will benefit the community by ensuring that all children with cancer especially the needy ones can access treatment easily. Prominent, influential, and high net worth figures in the society will be the target audience for this event. Likewise, the project will also target women and young people considering their growing role in philanthropy in the recent years. The event is estimated to raise $ 1 million as it will attract both high-profile figures and other groups in the society such as women and youngsters. The event organizers will obtain money from the sale of tickets on a broad range of platforms. Adult tickets will be sold at $ 250. Children will purchase their tickets from $ 50 to $ 80. The organizers also anticipate in-kind donations of approximately $300,000 during the gala dinner. Overall, the event is projected to cost $150, 000. Event planning, invitation, catering, promotional items, staff rime, entertainment, sound, and lighting equipment are the primary expenses of the event. Since the occasion will be organized by various non-profit organizations in the country, the CEO of each institution will be part of the leadership team. The venue for the event will be a high profile hotel that will be booked in advance through the acquisition of various permits and implementation of the necessary payments. Besides

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