from the Author Junot Diaz the title (no face)

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: From The Author Junot Diaz the Title (No Face) Junot Diaz brings out the creepiness and scariness in her book “Drown” and particularly in the short story “No Face.” without necessary including vampires, monsters or even demons to illustrate or bring it out, which is clear evidence of the prowess commanded by the author. The story carries some aspects of absolute ‘realness’ as compared to other works of art like horror and fantasy movies, where all aim to convey or portray a certain message or feeling to its audience. In the short story, “No Face” the yearning for complete freedom and will to do whatever they want and not to be limited by boundaries such as national borders is highlighted. Genuine and admirable masculinity is cultivated through personal struggle and success in conquering the challenges where the individuals are experienced and hardened. The background and the origin of a person is a major determinant in the shaping of their moral and mental being. The story “Ysrael” in the novel gives the introduction of the character no face which becomes essential information in explaining the person the character has grown to be at the present state (Diaz 3-20). A wild pig chewed his face at a tender age which ruined his face, and this became a source of bullying from his peers. He is even beaten up, and this gives him a reason to wear a mask and embrace his role in the community. This then shapes and strengthens him and makes him a fast sprinter from the various struggles to evade his peer bullies which later became his driving force. Confidence was built around the firm and

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