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Name Professor Course Date Freedom Freedom relates to, liberty or other self-government or independence. To be free means that, it is at your discretion to make decisions on vital issues that affect your personal life. Freedom also results from the absence of someone’s detention or infringement of a particular right. Freedom relates to equality for a country like France that has lived slaves, for them to know freedom well is to be free from slavery. Therefore where there is freedom, there is equality and equality is very vital in the life of a man, like it’s the first need of any man. To be free calls for full enjoyment of human rights and having avenues of self- expression, owning property and any other benefits that accompany liberty. To proceed, somebody being free gives him the opportunity to be heard even by his government and when we look at France initially before the coming of revolution, the people of France weren’t free as per say. They didn’t have any sought of freedom. And lack of Freedom calls for the relentless and severe quest and fight for liberation as witnessed by series of revolution in France. Freedom signifies self-independence and being free from despotic regimes as clearly brought out in the reading. This means that there have to be some revolutions so that a nation can be free from colonial powers or government, and this happened in France when a group of revolutionist stood firm to fight for self- determination of France. Just to mention a few, we have Thomas Paine who stood for rights of man, (Blaisdell 85-89), where he outlined various rights of man and this made French nationals advocate more for their rights. Another active

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