Freedom of Speech

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Freedom of Speech Institution Name Course Date Abstract This paper is a presentation of the general and detailed definition of the freedom of speech in the United States. It allows people to speak out whatever they like, anywhere, the words they utter might be right or wrong. Therefore some restrictions and prohibitions help the government use to avoid hate speech and also incitement by various speakers. Freedom of speech is can as well be used to mean a free speech or right to self-expression of one’s ideas. Any country in which there is democracy upholds the freedom of speech. However, the constitution of the United State clarifies the type of statements that are protected or restricted by the law. Freedom of speech enables citizens of a particular country to question the government and the formula they apply to implement their policies. Since it’s their right to ask, they are not victimized or threatened when they challenge the government. Freedom of speech also gives them a platform on which to express their opinions and ideas on how better they can be governed. I have taken into consideration the constitution, what the law says regarding the freedom of speech and the law cases related to freedom of expression. Key words include: Freedom of speech Government Leadership Law Court Freedom of speech The history of freedom of speech describes the evolution and the path the human rights have taken over several years before arriving at the present state. A scientist who narrates the development of human beings argues that language distinguishes human beings from all other creatures. There are very old theories that try to explain the origin of

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