Free Speech Analysis

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Name Instructor Course Date Free Speech Analysis Introduction 1 Freedom of speech constitutes the tradition of America and forbids the persecution of individuals on the basis of their political beliefs or religion. Practical speaking, the US has penalized people because of some ideas they expressed. The punishments were more prominent during a war and involved deportation or jailing of the offenders. Such practices present controversies as far as the First Amendment is concerned, (Thibodeaux, 581). Contrary to the Amendments, there have been limits on free speech in the US. These limits are continuously being adjusted with the change in social values. These adjustments mean that one has to be vigilant when expressing their speech at certain times. The places at which such opinions are expressed also matter a lot. This is because being too careless with words can cost one greatly. Introduction 2 The first amendment regarding the United States constitution presents the right to free speech. This amendment protects the media contents from being censored or is not clear whether or not everybody follows or alters free speech into something else. Ideally, the free expression means the ability to deliver a sentiment in public places. Therefore any restraint on free speech translates to violating the first amendment. There are several controversies surrounding the limits that have been imposed on free speech, (Thibodeaux, 582). People have wondered as to whether or not certain ideas exist that are not necessary. Several individuals and organizations have raised claims about people abusing the civil rights. This has led to the first amendment being

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