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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Frankenstein: The True Monster Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein is a classic horror novel that has raised a lot of discussion about who the true monster is in the novel. While many believe that the creature created by the scientist is the true monster, there is enough reason to argue that the real monster was Frankenstein, the scientist who created the creature. The podcast touches on some issues that prove Victor Frankenstein was the real monster not only because he neglected his ethical obligations but based on other factors that will be deliberated as well. The first thing that makes Victor a monster is that he neglects his ethics as a scientist which is against scientists carrying out experiments in isolation. The podcast explains that scientists have a social and moral obligation not to conduct experiments in isolation. Victor’s experiment went against this ethics because not only did it lack oversight, the experiment also put the society in danger and this was monstrous for a scientist. Another reason that makes Victor Frankenstein the monster in the novel is the nature of his experiment. It involves parts of dead human corpses, and only a monster is capable of such a heinous act. He takes body parts from different body corpses available to create his masterpiece and only carries this experiment in isolation despite dissection of human corpses which require a public audience. Time and again Frankenstein abandoned his creation when they failed to turn out as he had hoped. He, therefore, abandons the creature the moment he sets his eyes on it with no regards to the consequences that may follow. In

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