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Student Professor Course Date Frankenstein The isolation of the creature in Frankenstein started the same day his creator brought him to life. When the creature opens his eyes, his creator becomes ill as if he saw an inordinate calamity. The creature’s appearance frightens him as though he is not the one who created him. Victor flees the creature since he couldn't stand his sight, finally falling asleep in which he saw Elizabeth, his fiancée while healthy and later as a corpse (Holmes 203). When the monster appeared to Victor for the second time, he cursed him with death threats, but he remains adamant. The creature blames Victor for ignoring him, yet he is his creator. This made the creature to avenge by killing humans. The hostility of the people in the village made the monster furious and hostile. He kills William and places the photo in Justine’s pocket, so that he becomes the primary suspect in the murder. From the meeting of Victor and his creature, it is clear that the creature's actions towards humans are a result of his suffering. During their meeting, the creature eloquently claims that he is kind, full of affection and compassion; only the magnitude of his sorrow has caused him to act inhumanely towards people. “Do your duty towards me, and I will do mine towards you and the rest of humanity. If you comply with my conditions, I will leave them and you at peace” (Holmes 80). Even though the happiness of humans surrounds the creature, they exclude him despite not his fault. He begs Frankenstein to listen to him so that he could make decisions regarding his agony on humans. The views of the readers are revealed when the irritated monster

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