Fourth Assignment

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Fourth Assignment. According to Moore and Bret (207), defense mechanisms can be described as methods which manifest into undertakings whose main objective is to shield the person from external threats. It is evident that Fred employs various forms of defense mechanism, the notable ones include rationalization as well as projection. Firstly, the projection is where one attributes his undesirable characteristics to other people. Consequently suggesting that other people have your faults might make the mistakes seem less threatening. For instance, throughout the therapy meetings, Dr. Roddick establishes that Fred has a strange idea regarding most of his peers. In many cases, Fred claims that most of the kids at school were furious, but his assumption was wrong. Additionally, Fred demonstrates rationalization which can be described as an attempt to prove that his actions are justifiable (Kalat 465). Fred claims that his recent interest in video games is worthy for him due to his idea that they may help him expand his bodily harmonization as well as the ability of attentiveness. The adaptation level is the phenomenon in which one views his current happiness in the light of our past level of happiness. Jim is dissatisfied his current yearly salary because he is still influenced by what he was sometimes earning back. Notably, his perception regarding his previous earnings has blurred his current annual salary, which is the highest he has ever received. Relative deprivation is the phenomenon in which one interprets his current state of happiness in comparison to the condition of happiness of other people. Carla’s argument is founded on this principle considering that he

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