Fossil Fuels

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Fossil Fuels Name: Date: Institutional Affiliations: Introduction Fossil fuels have been used for many centuries around the world. All of us have heard the debates and discussion regarding global warming, clean energy, alternative energy sources, and the impacts of fossil fuels on the environment. The fact remains that fossil fuels are tortuously woven into the framework of our everyday lives in both subtle and obvious ways. From the electricity we use to the shelters people live in, clothes they wear, consumer goods they enjoy and the motorized transport facilities they use, fossil fuels are a primary building block of the modern life as we understand it. Most of us have the notion that the widespread use of the resources has immensely improved the life in the entire world by creating meaningful and productive lives that we are accustomed to. It is undeniable that fossil fuel has incredibly benefited humankind. However, for so long people have only looked at the benefits and failed to notice the long-term effects they are subjected to as a result of fossil fuel use. Although it has created the current globalization as we perceive it, there are critical adverse effects that cannot be overlooked if we were to have a healthier and safer environment. This research on fossil fuels seeks to enlighten me on how to become a more responsible steward of our environment. The research focuses on the risks of fossil fuel consumption on society at the personal, national, and international levels. It will also reflect on the impacts of technology while assessing the role of technology in creating the problems and how it can be used for a positive impact. Lastly, it will delve

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