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Name Institutional Affiliation Date TOC o "1-3" h z u Key words PAGEREF _Toc506318165 h 5Memo PAGEREF _Toc506318166 h 6Abstract PAGEREF _Toc506318167 h 7Why a good working relationship between employees and employers is vital PAGEREF _Toc506318168 h 8Proper management PAGEREF _Toc506318169 h 8Good Time Management PAGEREF _Toc506318170 h 8Efficient Financial Management PAGEREF _Toc506318171 h 8Proper Resource Management PAGEREF _Toc506318172 h 8Collective and individual responsibility PAGEREF _Toc506318173 h 9Communication skills PAGEREF _Toc506318174 h 9Innovation PAGEREF _Toc506318175 h 9Learning PAGEREF _Toc506318176 h 9Critical thinking PAGEREF _Toc506318177 h 9Preferred companies PAGEREF _Toc506318178 h 10Google PAGEREF _Toc506318179 h 10Genentech PAGEREF _Toc506318180 h 10Ultimate software PAGEREF _Toc506318181 h 10Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc506318182 h 11References PAGEREF _Toc506318183 h 13 Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Memo PAGEREF _Toc505857688 h 2Abstract PAGEREF _Toc505857689 h 3Why a good working relationship between employees and employers is vital PAGEREF _Toc505857690 h 3Proper management PAGEREF _Toc505857691 h 4Good Time Management PAGEREF _Toc505857692 h 4Efficient Financial Management PAGEREF _Toc505857693 h 4Proper Resource Management PAGEREF _Toc505857694 h 4Collective and individual responsibility PAGEREF _Toc505857695 h 4Communication skills PAGEREF _Toc505857696 h 4Innovation PAGEREF _Toc505857697 h 5Learning PAGEREF _Toc505857698 h 5Critical thinking PAGEREF _Toc505857699 h 5Preferred companies PAGEREF _Toc505857700 h 5Google PAGEREF _Toc505857701 h 5Genentech PAGEREF _Toc505857702 h 5Ultimate software PAGEREF _Toc505857703 h 6Conclusion

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