Five Components of the Emergency Preparedness Cycle.

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The Emergency Preparedness Cycle Your name Institution Date The Emergency Preparedness Cycle The Emergency Management Preparedness phase is a recurring process focusing on proactive actions and behavior aiming at reducing the different effects of a catastrophe. Preparedness should occur at individual, community, organizational and state levels. The IS-1 toolkit of FEMA suggests that preparedness enables people to respond to the difficulties of most disasters by deciding what actions to take beforehand. Emergency preparedness involves activities undertaken before the happening of a catastrophe by the different social units. Various social groups have different ways of preparing for a disaster. However, there is a general process that ensures that the different social units respond to a disaster effectively. The main purpose of writing this paper is to discuss the various preparedness cycle components, and explain why they are dependent and repetitive to each other. The first element of the preparedness cycle is planning. Planning makes sure that it is possible to handle the entire cycle of a would-be crisis, decide which capability are required, and assist participants to learn their responsibilities. Planning involves the gathering and analyzing of information and intelligence. It also participates in the development of plans, procedures, policies, strategies, assistance agreement and mutual aid, and additional requirements to be able to execute missions and other tasks. Likewise, planning improves effectiveness by describing the required capabilities clearly, lessening the time needed to have control of an incident, and facilitate the exchanging of

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