Fitness Regimen

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Regimen Fitness Author Institution Authors Notes Regimen Fitness It is of paramount importance to have a strict fitness program to make any gains. When a person enters the gym, it is prudent to assess the individual's experience and thereafter formulate a tailormade fitness program to avoid injury. Fitness Regimen for Beginners According to Liebman CITATION Lie15 n t l 1033 (2015), body fitness can be achieved; we will break these training into four weeks for the beginners. Week one will begin by training all major body parts in each workout, with three days having a day of rest in between each workout, remember you are just beginning and your body needs to adjust to these new developments, thus rest is very important. In week two, training of different parts of the body will begin, this means that you will have four pieces of training, which are two upper body parts and two lower body parts. We will also add one more body part routine. Here you will be able to train muscles at different angles. In week three, all body parts are trained, each muscle will have three to four sets of two of different exercises. Which translates to four sets for larger body parts and three for smaller body parts. In week four, we focus on intensity, we will train four days per week, we are adapting so that our body parts can handle more pressure, you are able to pair up, e.g., back with biceps except shoulders are trained on their own. Healthy eating is the cornerstone of a fitness regimen, without which results may be frustrating. Major on whole grain, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and eggs, avoiding junk foods at all cost. Fitness Regimen for Intermediate Intermediate

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