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Final Trading Report The Investment Strategies A guideline was followed to make sure that the investment strategies are followed strictly. This guideline is discussed below- Portfolio Risk and Diversification Moderate risks will be taken while managing the portfolio. Neither aggressive investment nor completely risk averse strategies will be followed here. As mentioned earlier, the portfolio will contain stocks, bonds, and cash or cash equivalent assets. In order to achieve further diversification, we will allocate our combination of assets across several industries, so that the high risk of one asset can be compensated by the lower risk of another asset. To achieve this, first we will determine the proper allocation of securities in the portfolio. Once the portfolio will be designed as per our plans, we will divide our capital between the security classes. Afterwards, we will reassess the weightings of the portfolio every week, based on its performance, and also depending on the conditions of the market. This way, we will make sure that appropriate ‘rebalancing strategies’ are implemented all through the duration of the portfolio. We also have to think about the tax implications while implementing our investment strategies. In addition to that, we should use different positions and options in a timely manner in order to take full advantage of them. All in all, we must keep in mind that if our portfolio is well-diversified (across security classes and industries), it will ensure considerable amount of growth and return on the investment. Diversification will also shield the portfolio against the risks associated with individual securities, structural

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