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Feminism Name Course Date In our world, today female stars such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce among many others share their feminism in social media loud and proud. However, this was not the case fifty years ago in 1960s sexual harassment, pay equity were not recognized concept then. Rights, law ideas, and terms that are today taken for granted never existed then. The establishment of National Organization for Women in 1966 played a major role in changing the life of women. President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967 expanded affirmative action and included women in governance. In the year 1968 ads related to help-wanted employment stopped categorizing job in terms of gender. In the same year, the Equity Credit Opportunity Act was enacted thus eliminating the need of a woman to come along with a man while applying for credit. The establishment of “NOW” was a significant accomplishment the sole intention of the organization was to take action that could bring women into active participation in the mainstream. Betty Friedan in her book “The Feminine Mystique” articulated the need of women political organization. In her book, she highlighted “problem that has no name.” Since the formation of “NOW,” there has been a huge revolution for women in regards to equity and employment. For instance, in the year 2011 almost half of the American workforce was composed of women. Today we have high profile women executive. Despite there is a small number of female presidents, the trend is changing. Today, we are living in a swiftly changing world, and the marginalized voice in the society is empowered with technology to raise their voice high. Online platforms such as

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