Federalism and the Lagalization of Marijuana

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FEDERALISM IN THE USA The United States in governed by an intricate composite of state and federal laws. The Constitution of the United States recognizes the supremacy of the federal government and thus federal laws can diminish the efficacy of State laws. This status can be seen to infringe on individual state authority and create autonomy within the federal government. Despite its potential interference with state laws, the federal law is vital to the progressive development of the United States. The main benefit of federalism is that it unifies the nation, strengthens the US systems by enabling pooling of resources, increases democracy, encourages pluralism and increases national political stability. According to Madison, sustainability of liberty depended on the ability to ensure that every party retains its will. For this reason, liberty within states mandates that each state is allowed to maintain its capability to govern its people. This gives federal systems various advantages. Fist f all, it benefits the national government by removing the contentious issues relevant to a particular jurisdiction from its mandate. This increases the stability of the federal government because it can focus on larger challenges that are uniform across the nation. Also, it does not create divisions that may arise if the federal government could be seen to align itself with some states. On the other hand, states can decide on laws that are particular to a given state. This reduces the chain of command that would have to be achieved if every single law had to be legislated by the federal government. As a result, it ensures faster implementation of policies and thus

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