Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Runway Safety Report

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Runway Safety Report Name Institution Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Runway Safety Report There has been a steady upsurge in the number of runway incursion (RI) events. Several airports have reported RI events that fall below the average value of all airport, but many other airports have substantially high number RI events. There was a sum of 1241 reported RIs in 2013, and a total of 1264 reported RIs in 2014, an increase of 23 RIs. The increase is attributed to the better reporting systems implemented and years of safety culture enhancement that promote reporting. The FAA runway safety report concludes that the number of RIs has been steady for that period. The risk severity categories C and D have shown substantial growth over time, but categories A and B have no significant growth in some reported events. Also, the risk severity categories A and B RIs reported continuing to fall below the safety metric of less than 0.395 for every million operations for the two financial years. Therefore, the data indicates a sufficient reduction in incursions when all factors are considered. Augmenting the FAA report results in the collection of more comprehensive and accurate data. The most significant challenge in the FAA runway safety report is the collection of the right data. Data augmentation involves the creation of data from the existing data thus solving the problem of limited quantity and diversity of data (Hauberg et al. 2016). The appropriate strategy for the FAA report would be to utilize frameworks that offer inbuilt packages for data augmentation. This strategy minimizes the chances of Type-I and Type-II error while

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