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Topics of Cultural Studies: Family Name Institutional affiliation Topics of Cultural Studies: Family Family plays an integral role in each person’s life. Its traditions and customs predetermine the person’s future behavioral traits, personal and professional achievements in a large way (Bumpass & Lu, 2000). Notably, my family has impacted significantly on my personality, the way I think and act in different life situations. From my point of view, communicability, respect to others and punctuality are three key possessions that are ethically, socially and culturally important for me. My parents have always taught me to express my ideas clearly and discuss my actions prior committing them. I am always ready to hear other people’s opinion and make my decisions taking the best options that occurred during the discussion into consideration. I am open to new ideas which help me to gain new impressions and experiences in the different field of knowledge. My parents have always taught me to be patient while communicating with others as all people tend to express their thoughts differently. Simultaneously, they demanded me to keep my word and always be on time. Such style of upbringing has helped me to socialize successfully and become a confident person. My parents always remind me that communicable, punctual, open-minded and respectful people are more likely to become successful in every activity than those whose social and ethical skills are low. For example, those skills have played a critical role in the development of my father’s career. He is a successful manager and makes much money for doing his work. At his work, my father controls the productivity

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