family ( Heart of a Samurai)

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A family in “Heart of a Samurai” Name Institution Date   A family in “Heart of a Samurai” In the novel “Heart of a Samurai”, a family is what you take and make of it. Mostly families are determined by blood and cultures to become part of to us with an obligation to observe them strictly. Manjiro finds himself in different hands of people after their boat sinks and they are saved by Captain Whitney’s boat. Family traits and their significance are portrayed from the two families in the novel that is the other family Manjiro meets in America and the one family in Japan. For Manjiro to learn new things that ultimately enables him to accomplish his quest of becoming Samurai our focus is to delve into the two families. Family significance and attributes to Manjiro’s life is discussed to authenticate; family economic provisions, culture and the nature of the two families he existed in the novel. Every family has to satisfy their economic needs in an economic provision set up. From the novel the heart of a samurai, we encounter Manjiro just a fourteen-year-old boy goes out in the sea to ensure that his family gets their economic provision. Usually, in a common set up of a family, a childlike Manjiro shouldn’t risk their lives searching for the family but should wait to be provided for (Preus, 2010). Captain Whitley is serving the role of a parent and that’s why he goes out in the sea with others and leaves his wife and child at home. It’s because of this life that Manjiro was subjected to, that drives him into a predicament when their boat sinks and ultimately find themselves on the bird island. Each family has distinctive traditions,

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