Expressive Approach

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Expressive Approach Name: Institution: Expressive Approach The child I located for this activity is from my neighborhood and she showed significant cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and physical development. For purposes of this assignment, I decided that we engage in an art session so that I could effectively make observations on the child’s development. In terms of cognitive development, I made the following observations for the child who was aged five years. Firstly, the child was able to draw a house and detail aspects such as the windows, chimney and a door. Moreover, before she began to draw the child was able to make an effort in writing her name. The other cognitive development that I observed in the child includes the fact that the child could draw without anyone’s assistance. Further, through cognitive development, the child was able to express ideas from the past. For example, the child informed me that the house she had drawn was from something she had seen recently in the neighborhood. According to Kinniburgh, Blaustein, Spinazzola and Van der Kolk (2017) children can also show cognitive development through role-playing. Indeed, during the observation, we took turns with the child to color the house. In essence, I learned that at the age of five, children are supposed to have gained some cognitive skills. In terms of linguistic development, I also made several observations about the child. Firstly, she was able to construct sentences but she was using incorrect grammar. Additionally, the pronunciation for the child was also a bit childish. For example, she could not pronounce the word chimney correctly during the observation. The other

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