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export margins. Moreover, natural gas has emerged as a new front giving the country impetus in the energy sector (Krauss, 2018). The government is aiding these efforts by increasing offshore drilling and loosening bottlenecks regarding restrictive regulations. As a net result, the dominance of Saudi Arabia and Russia as oil and natural gas leading suppliers has encountered stiff competition. Explanation The market force under scrutiny in this article is supply. That is the supply of oil to the global market from the U. S. and its key competitors, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia. Comparatively, as the quantity of oil supply from the U.S. continues to grow, the quantity of oil supply from its...

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export insurance covers as compared to foreigners. A vessel owner can do bareboat registration and grand the respective vessel a dual flagging (Yang & Chung 2013). After registration, the bareboat charterer will require the ship to fly another flag when in a specified area of jurisdiction. References Kavussanos, M., & Tsekrekos, A. E. (2011). The option to change the flag of a vessel. International Handbook of Maritime Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 47-62. Nordquist, M., & Nandan, S. N. (Eds.). (2011). United Nations Convention on the law of the sea 1982, Volume VII: a commentary (Vol. 7). Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. Yang, S. H., & Chung, C. C. (2013). Direct...

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Exporting / Importing Data from an Electronic Health Record ( EHR ) Software Using CCDA.” It is a demonstration of how a physician can import and export patient data into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) software Drchrono from another EHR software or source by using consolidated clinical document architecture (C-CDA) (Drchrono, 2014). The adoption of the EHR software into the healthcare industry is encouraged due to its many benefits which are evident in the video demonstration (Jamoom, Beatty, Bercovitz et al., 2012). The tutorial shows that through the use of the (C-CDA) a patient’s medical information can be downloaded as a clinical summary and through this, the medical information can then...



exportation of steel to the U.S can be found in the Harmonized tariff schedule that was released by the federal government earlier this year. For a member of the World Trade Organization to export steel to the U.S, they will have to pay a tariff of ten percent, which means that they have to reduce their exports so as to reduce the amount of taxes they pay. References Blonigen, B. A., Liebman, B. H., Pierce, J. R., & Wilson, W. W. (2013). Are all trade protection policies created equal? Empirical evidence for nonequivalent market power effects of tariffs and quotas. Journal of International Economics, 89(2), 369-378. Cavusgil, S. T., Knight, G., & Riesenberger, (2014). International...