Exploring Charlotte’s Web classical literature and the author’s use of theme and setting of the novel

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Name Course Tutor Date Exploring Charlotte’s Web Charlotte’s Web is a classic novel about the friendship between Charlotte, a barn spider, and a pig named Wilbur. The children’s novel explores various themes and reveals the value of friendship. This essay will illustrate why Charlotte’s Web is a classic literature based on Lukens ideas that literature should provide insights of what motivates human beings and assist in determining what is essential in life. Moreover, the paper will explore the use of setting and theme in the novel. Analysis of Lukens/Classic Literature The first criteria that this essay will analyze is the notion that literature should provide insights of what motivates human beings (Lukens 289). In his novel, E.B White focuses on life; in particular, he narrates about friendship, death, loyalty, and courage. White gives insights into why people form friendships, particularly those from different backgrounds (Housel 43). He incorporates a wide range of characters that take animal form so that the audience (children) can acquire an understanding of friendships. He explores what friendship is all about and how one can handle death. Through the use of this setup, White sheds light into ethnicity in the metaphorical sense by using variety in the story (Housel 12). These animals represent individuals with different backgrounds and ethnicities. Lukens (292) states that literature should assist in determining what is essential in life. Charlotte’s Web illustrates why friendships are important. White explores the associations between characters, their feelings towards each other and how they help each other to deal with tragedy. The three main

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