Explain how you would lobby your legislators or local government for funds to support your issue or trend

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Potential Benefits of Improving Technology in Healthcare Name Institution Affiliation Name Abstract Technological advancements in the medical arena have grown rapidly concurrent with technology globally. These advancements have been essential in improving health care. The use of technology in research, diagnosis, and treatment reduces mortality and improves efficiency significantly. This is because it reduces the time required to serve a patient and reduces errors that could result from misinterpretation of hand-written records. There also increases ease of sharing information enabling patients to be treated adequately across the nation. Despite these immense benefits, there are still numerous barriers to full adoption of health information technology. The basis barrier has always been the implementation cost. The federal government has therefore undertaken extraordinary measures to assist health care facilities in the acquisition and implementation of these systems. However, this has not increased the efficacy of HIT effectively. A huge barrier remains in the acceptance of HIT by the medical fraternity. Resistance among physicians stems from the misunderstanding which leads to the perception of these systems as unnecessary interruptions to workflow. It is essential for investment to shift toward educational ventures that will be sustainable in the long-term. To achieve this, this paper proposes an increase in financial aid to medical training institutes to enable them to integrate HIT education in the curriculum for training physicians. Introduction Technology in healthcare is a term used to define inventions that are geared towards enhancing research,

Free Explain how you would lobby your legislators or local government for funds to support your issue or trend Essay Sample

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