Explain and show examples of Accounting frauds

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Accounting Frauds Student’s Name Registration Number Institution Date Minefield -Asset Valuation About what emerges out to be an essential component, an asset refers to that component that possesses its present or intrinsic values. An example here is either cash or any other item that may be applicable towards a generation of revenues. A building may aid in the production or manufacture of a product or also the inventory may be put on sale for profit generation (Zyla, 2013). The performance of assets often takes place on costs that are not beyond the approximated amortization or depreciation. Similarly, the depreciation itself must have an estimation of its life that is of value. However, the present latitude that the administration utilizes in making such approximations may at times lead some questions concerning the motivation following the change of the estimates. An example, in this case, is the Delta Airlines that made revisions on the value life of the aircraft among its fleets for two times consecutively within a period of ten years (Berman, 2006). During all these occasions, the resulting change led to the creation of a quantifiable increment in the profits recorded. So the question that arises seeks to know whether these modifications came as result of motivation through any real or exact change in the life span of the plane, or with the intention that can compete effectively with accounting methods or also due to motivation from any other unknown reason altogether. Valuation, pricing plus other financial issues are the key factors in the determination of the success of any venture. Valuation itself remains to be one of the essential factors in the

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