Explain a life without laws

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Law has been part of the society since the first day man started living on earth. Life without law would, therefore, be unimaginable. It is the existence of law that leads to the sustenance of order in the society and without order, all wrongs and evils would prevail. It is worth noting that law is what helps keep people under control and still gives them freedom. This essay discusses why life without law would be hectic by explaining how law balances between right and wrong. For that reason, life without law would mean more harm than good to the society. Living in a world that lacks law is like the means to ending life itself. If there were no law against killing, for example, everyone would be carrying a gun or any other weapon and using it without hesitation. Without law and order, what need would there be to work? Why would anyone want to spend a day working for something they can acquire cheaply like through stealing or bribery? Life would not only be chaotic but also dreary. As a matter of facts, the societies would not be as efficient and beneficial as we find them to be. It is law that governs and protects the right of individuals. All religions have laws and guidelines to aid in living peacefully because it is important. In summary, there is no substantial counterargument that would refute the fact that life without law would be extremely difficult. Law is needed for maintenance of order. It is the only way to ensure that there is control among people and also rights and liberty are respected. Living in a world without law is like the means to an end of life itself. Without law people would avoid working, there would be no peace and life would be chaotic and

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