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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Existence of God The First Cause I believe that the First-Cause Argument or the Cosmological argument is the most plausible argument for the existence of God. St. Thomas Aquinas was the major philosopher behind this argument and other philosophers in support of this line of reasoning as far as the existence of God are Plato and Aristotle. The First Cause Argument posits that any event must have a cause and that the cause of itself must also be caused by another cause. These causes will create a succession of causes that will become infinite. An infinite chain of causes does not make sense. On the other hand, a causal loop is practically impossible. This begs the question, which is the first cause? There has to be the first cause that causes all the other causes. According to Thomas Aquinas, the first cause is ‘unconditioned’ and ‘supreme.’ The first cause is God. The best objection to the First Cause Argument is that is self-refuting. Thomas Aquinas argues that all events in the universe are caused by something else and that an event cannot cause itself. According to this argument, God is part of the universe and is the first cause. A conflict in the argument arises whereby if it is understood that God is the first cause and that every cause must be caused in the universe, then who caused God? This will leave people to believe that God might not have been the first cause and perhaps there might have been another cause or a series of events before God that influenced the existence of God. To proof that events are caused by other events or people, history narrates events in chronological order from the past

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