Evolution of the Canadian Defense Policy in the 21st Century1 Revised

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Evolution of the Canadian Defense Policy in the 21st Century Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Summary Evolution of the Canadian Defence Policy indicates approaches by Canada to restructure its defense mechanisms using various policy frameworks throughout the 21st century. Canada’s Military Strategy policy was introduced with the aim of defending the country from its enemies, supporting the local authorities during a natural calamity, deploying forces in foreign countries for emergency situations, supporting international events, engaging in frequent international tasks and increasing military personnel to improve military operations. The adoption of the Military strategy policy, however, introduced challenges in the governorship and military executions of the country. This is the reason for the evolution of the policy over time to fit into the changes, goals and governorship strategies that Canada was putting in place. Various international scenarios changed the implementation of the policy all through the 21st century making it to undergo both structural and political changes. The policy proved to be significant in the international affairs because its formulation and implementation became a global concern and thus, the need for the amendments. Every president who has ruled Canada in the century have tried to make favorable changes to the military strategy. However, the subsequent leaders tend change the structures put to place by their predecessors. The leadership dynamic perception of the military strategy has greatly contributed to the long period of amendment of the policy. The 2016-2017 stage was the latest formulation of the policy where

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