Evolution of Media and its Effects

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Evolution of Media and its Effects For many people, television has become a source of explanation and an influencer of their lives. Television has become a means by which people make sense of themselves and everything around them. The media greatly influence human language, dressing code and general perception towards life. The media, precisely television has also become the primary source of information to people (Graham & Monteith, 2011). Other media sources such as newspapers have been overtaken by the popularity in which people rely on Television as a medium of receiving information. Journalists play a crucial role in the dissemination of information. Their disadvantage is that information given by journalist is aimed at short term goals (Goldin, 1979). It is done to raise curiosity and interest of the reader or the audience and in most cases the news passed is that which is believed to be of relevance to the listener, in societies that value politics a lot of attention is given to political affairs. Sociologists differ sharply with a journalist as their intention is to provide more attention to the long-term effect of the information passed and in most cases is composed of facts that have been studied for a substantial duration (Goldin, 1979). Most media rely on advertisement as their major source of revenue while sociologist earns from their research contributions in their respective institutions Television is the most commonly preferred means of communication. Though discovered in the 20th century, it was mainly used for entertainment until some opportunist identified a gap that it could fill. Ever since it has revolutionized the media industry (Graham &

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