evidence base practice

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Reflective Essay My interest in nursing dates back to my younger years. Often, I would find myself wandering through books, magazines and even television shows that merely mentioned medicine. I was genuinely fascinated because I found it profoundly intriguing that the life of one person could be in the hands of one or more people. Doctors are significant professionals, but it is my honest opinion that nurses are the glue that holds the fabric of any health institution together. They administer medicine, take care of the patient and do virtually everything else that the doctor does not do to ensure that he or she fully recovers. However, what I did not imagine is that there are so many concepts and theories in nursing. Further, I found the evidence-based practice, the theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson, and ethics in research to be the most intriguing as I have encountered all of them throughout my career. Evidence-based Practice (EBP) When you have been a nurse for as long as I have, you get to understand that nothing comes before the patient’s needs. To fully comprehend how to care for the patient, one needs to study and conduct plenty of research. Once substantial research has been done, and the nurse can ensure the highest possible standards of treatment as well as the safety of the patient, then they have mastered evidence-based practice. I have used EBP in various instances of my daily practice. One such situation is in controlling infections. No patient wants to go to a hospital and leave with a virus or bacteria of some sort. It is imperative to ensure that the environment in which the patient is being treated is as hygienic as possible. As a nurse, I

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