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Name Professor Course Date Everyman Everyman is a play which is dated back old days during which illiteracy was a norm and moral and religious stability was highly emphasized. Due to the high illiteracy levels, the symbolism was applied in teaching common people on Christian ways and as well as the moral system expected of them. Everyman is a play revolving around morality (Cawley and Arthur, 381). It is full of symbolism which was applied to make it easy for the masses of the time to comprehend. This essay looks into the intention of the author, that of the director, and to answer the question as to whether or not the production is relevant for 2017 with the aid of the interaction among the various characters in the play: God, Good Deeds, Death, and Everyman. Intention of the Author According to Gilman and Donald (126), Everyman story tries to address essential moral aspects of a society. For example, the story brings out a conflict between evil and good through the interaction between several characters. It tries to illustrate not just the way every man is supposed to meet death, but also the way every man is supposed to live. The story shows that whichever way a man goes about his life, be it evil or good, a day comes when he will be judged on the basis of his deeds. It suggests that material things cannot grant one salvation. The accounting belief of the culture of the society involved is that it is only a person and a person’s good deeds that can offer salvation. Therefore once more, Good Deeds is the only person that can go with Everyman beyond the grave. In the face of the judgment of God, it's shown that the riches of a man, his friends' reputation,

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