Evaluation of Noise Hazards among Employees in Bar Areas

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Evaluation of Noise Hazards among Employees in Bar Areas Bar environments is an area loved by many individuals for relaxation purposes. Most employees and patronages see these places as those areas that are free from danger or harm. Even those clubs and bars that seem so safe also have with them the likely unforeseen dangers to employees and patronages; that is noise (Lawrence and Andrew 3). Yes, noise may mean that sound that is not necessary but this case, it is not applicable. At times noise that is within the bar environment may be so loud such that the patrons may suffer from hearing impairment. Due to the hearing impairment or loss that the patrons experience, there is an assumption that can be made that the employees who have greater exposure when compared to the patrons are at higher risks (Lawrence and Andrew 3). Meanwhile, OSHA, the body concerned with safety at the workplace came up with standards for regulating noise with the intention of curbing the hearing impairment or loss among the employees. The body formulated the conservation amendment in the year 1983, where it set for the inclusion in a Hearing Conservation Program of the employees that have time-weighted average because of exposure to noise that must equal to or be beyond 85dBA for eight hours. Based on this weighted average of 85dBA, it assists in the determination of whether the establishment of the bar, risks the employees to hazardous levels of noise. During such hours, the maximum noise levels of exposure permitted minus the application of devices of noise attenuation such as earplugs for more eight hours is 90dBA. Often, the maximum possible exposure rises with the decrement in time. However,

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