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Student’s name Professor’s Name Institutional affiliation Date Evaluation Argument of Harmful Video Games Video games are the most popular and enjoyed form of entertainment currently in our society by the teens and children. The production companies of these games have invested massively in research, innovation, and development of more sophisticated games that brings out the virtual reality into reality. The products have gained more audience with a significant number being children and teenagers and sometimes young adults. Although video games bring joy and entertainment among its active participants, they have adverse effects on the children and teens (Christopher N.p). This argument, therefore, will be evaluated through insights into the physical health effects caused by the constant play of the video games. Proponents claim that the video gaming has valuable benefits attributed to playing games that have real time strategies and first-time shooters. They argue that it increases brain concentration, sharpen reflexes and muscle coordination. Do the video games improve the physical health of children and teens through gaming? The active participants experience effects that are harmful to their health. The possibility of losing sight is high as children and teenagers spend a lot of time glued to computers and TV screens. Lights emitted by television and computer screens are the primary cause of blurred vision among the teenagers. Moreover, active participation on video games interferes with the eating habits of the players. They often consume junk foods that are quickly prepared and other fast foods that contribute to an unbalanced diet. Gamers,

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