Euthyphro vs. the Prisoner

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Euthyphro vs. the Prisoner Most writers strive to create a character who can portray different traits and help build the perfect story line. Characters are what makes a story alive. Writers try to bring out the main themes of their writing by use of characters. The characters are used to depict different values and vices in the society. As a writer, one can either decide to use one character or different characters. However, in the situation of many characters, one of them is deemed to be the main traits. Through him, the writer can bring out clearly the main lessons of the writing. The author gives the main character some attributes which may be desirable or not, depending on the central theme of the book. Plato in his book "A Guide Tour of Five Works," clearly brings the story to life using his characters. He mainly uses dialogue, which is the very essence of our day to day interactions. Talk makes it easy for the readers to identify with the characters hence deduce lessons and apparently judge the attributes of the characters. As with all humans, the characters in different stories in Plato's book have similarities and differences that are brought out in the dialogues involved. In this essay, we are going to compare and contrast the characters of Euthyphro from "Euthyphro" and the prisoner from "Allegory of the Cave." The first similarity between this characters is that they are slaves to the law. It is clear that the prisoner has no right to make a decision. He quickly follows as told. He does not have the right to free himself from the law. He follows whatever the law expects him to do. Also for Euthyphro, he believes in the law. He believes in doing the right

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