ETHICS CASE Requests for VIP Treatment in Pathology: Implications for Social Justice and Systems-Based Practice

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VIP Treatment in Healthcare Student’s Name Institution Abstract Nursing practitioners often experience protocol changes when treating VIP patients. Most hospital administrations tend to value VIPs over other patients, which contributes to patient neglect during care provision. In other occasions, the schedule of nursing practitioners is adversely affected when they shift attention to VIP patients. Such occurrences may result in legal, professional, and ethical consequences. Nursing practitioners can be sued, lose their jobs or their license to practice health care, and experience poor quality of care outcomes mainly due to reduced patient safety. Implications of VIP treatment can also incorporate increases patient mortality rate as non-VIP patients are forced to wait longer before being attended. To address issues related to VIP treatments, adequate education should be offered to hospital administrators to inform them of the need to maintain the standard hospital processes and systems of care. Further, patient training can be used to discourage VIP patients from expecting special treatment. Ethical issues that may relate to VIP treatment include practicing economic-oriented healthcare and failure to provide care to uninsured patients. VIP Treatment in Pathology VIP treatment in healthcare processes is often better than that of other people. VIP treatment can be based on financial, celebrity, and professional status. Factors such as institutional, professional, and personal factors can encourage VIP care treatment. Institutional factors such as commands from higher authority can encourage special VIP treatment (Sheffield & Smith, 2016). Professional factors

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