ethics and sustainability

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SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT REPORT NAME TUTOR COURSE INSTITUTION DATE Introduction Sustainability assessment focuses on the implications of some behaviors on an organization. It addresses the measures taken by the organization to ensure its future sustainability. This paper discusses sustainable assessment by GRI assessment standards. This is for easy reference by the stakeholders and the general public for organizations reference. The article will address the activities of Timberwell constructions to sustain itself in the market. Timberwell is a local development company that deals with putting up apartment complexes in the Stanwell Council District. The company employs 58 male employees in from the district of construction in different positions. However, the company is faced with labor challenges. Despite making changes to retain their employees, it has been with resignations and various allegations. Many of the employees have been joining competing companies while others start their businesses. Through these challenging moments, the company has been faced with various allegations of misconduct and governance challenges (Carrolland & Buchholtz, 2014, 45). At the same time, it has been questioned on its ethical standards as a construction company. However, the company has taken various measures to take control of its governance and ethical standards for continuous sustainability (Bennand & Dunphy,2007, 12). This paper addresses sustainable measures in by GRI principles concerning Timberwell case study. The standard material principles include environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability standards (Dumay et al. 2010,

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