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Ethics Authors name: Institution: In his research, Alexandra Korolova explores the privacy violation issues that arise from micro-targeted advertisements carried out on social media platforms. Micro-targeting entails sampling process based on structured segmentation of a company’s target audience. Micro-targeted advertisement hence involves running an ad based on the defined criteria (Barbu, 2013, p. 45). Majority of social media platforms require their users to reveal private information such as status, birth, likes, and interests, which the company then uses to match up with the advertiser’s target audience’s specifications (Korolova, 2011, pp. 27-28). Relaying of sensitive information by users has triggered privacy violation issues, yielding problems to the modern world. Some of the contemporary issues that have resulted from the privacy violations as a result of micro-targeting are hacking, physical harassment/assault and cyberbullying (Cohen, 2017). The relaying of information such as one’s gender, age, and location (Korolova, 2011, p.29); makes them easy to pick out using micro-targeted ads, making them prone to offenders. The repercussions are usually mental or physical harm, as was the case for Mallory, a New Jersey girl who committed suicide due to advanced cyberbullying (Rosenblatt, 2017). The recent implication of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US presidential elections by using micro-targeted ads on social media platforms such as Twitter, and Facebook (Goldstein, 2017), shows the extent of privacy violation. Rubinstein (2014, p. 861), explains that in the modern political era, politicians rely on data-driven campaigns in which they

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