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Ethics of Certain Superhuman from Movies Student Name Institution Course Date Ethics of Certain Superhuman from Movies The superhero film Captain America: was released recently, and rated among the top most substantial films in the United States of America. The USA government move to push for the law of Hero Registration Act which limits heroes' actions. Captain America thinks that saving the world is most daring and the state cannot, while Iron Man conquers with the Act, claiming that their operations must be guide otherwise the cities would be ruined(Tuzi, 2015). Utilitarian believes that no action or choice is inherently right or wrong. Ironman (Tony Shark) considered utilitarianism which he thought the end would justify the means. The iron man believes using artificial intelligence will eventually lead to the greatest amount of happiness for the numerous amounts of people (Tuzi, 2015). Tony is a narcissist, meaning he cannot see the most significant good the same way a person with different starting point would. Deontology philosophy focuses more exclusively on what one ought to do. Deontologists believe every person has intrinsic value and that it is immoral to use someone as a means to an end hence the end does not justify the means. Captain America (Steve Roger) considered standing for the truth. Captain America believes the Super Regulation Act is a violation of man rights. He is fighting for what he holds to

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