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Ethics Institutional Affiliation Date Ethics The article gives extensive knowledge on ethics by defining it and comparing it to terms like law and morals. It goes further to explain ethical aspects such as realism, relativism as well as expound on criticism, subjectivism, and objectivism as they relate to ethics. It also digs deeper into ethics in organizations and companies by addressing corporation policies and computer ethics. The article has added to my knowledge of ethics. It defines ethics as the set of principles that determine the behavior of an individual or group and differentiates ethics to law by stating that laws are more defined than ethics are. Therefore, ethics are not uniform worldwide as they depend on a person’s beliefs and a community’s moral standards (Graham, Nosek, Haidt, Iyer, Koleva, & Ditto, 2011). Through the article, I have felt the need to uphold my ethics and that of my community. The article creates an emphasis on the need for ethics that govern companies and organizations. It is agreeable that employees of a company need a firm directory as to how they are supposed to act within their workplaces to enhance the company’s public image as well as attract customers. It also highlights the need for ethics that describe good behavior when working with computers, owing to the ever-growing changes occurring with computer technology. The article states, “There can be no universal framework for resolving moral disputes or agreement on ethical matters between members of different societies.” The statement brings a very confusing image of ethics into play, as it shows that what seems to be correct in a certain society may not

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