Ethical values

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Student: Professor: Course: Date: ETHICAL VALUES Ethical values are essential to business organizations. For an individual or a team, the act helps in determining what is wrong and right. All these actions are the ones that represent ethics. It is essential for one to behave in a manner that is moral when dealing with customers and stakeholders because it assists in governing human behavior. Some of these include honesty, responsibility, and fairness. Honesty – this is an act of being truthful when dealing with customers and stakeholders. A business owner should communicate truth by all means when dealing with market products. As a manager, you should be real when it comes to making payments for your employees, and company bills. Trust to your customer should also be observed, where products offered must be of good quality that keeps what we claim in our communication. Therefore, this value is critical because it helps in building correct foundations with staff, and customers. Responsibility – this act is necessary because it shows how the company takes the customers’ and stakeholders’ interests into action. Business owners strive to serve the needs of their customers to their satisfaction to improve their sales and profits. Managers should focus on promoting vulnerable markets segments such as children, and disadvantaged populations. This will help in solving poverty issues and challenges of social class from emerging. Responsibility is a part of any business foundation because it grants those working and supporting the organization towards its growth a sense of pride. Fairness – it refers to just treatment without discrimination. A business owner

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