Ethical Standards

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Ethical Standards Name Institution Affiliation The issues raised in the three case studies deal with the ways in which the pieces of information in a computer system are interfered with. For instance, the hacking and distribution of the Sony’s film before it was released to the general public interfered with the business of the company since the company could not recover the money they used to make the film just for a malicious gain of the North Korean group. And also according to the “case study on Stuxnet and Flame Malware” there is illustration on how the Stuxnet malware and the flame malware are used to get data from another person’s computer and how these pieces of information obtained from the computer are used to bring down that particular business that the malicious individual or group is working on (Ess, 2013). And finally, the “case study of Industrial Espionage through Social Engineering” explains how different companies use their tricks to get information from their competitor's firms especially the US companies and business firms. Some of the ways in which such business firms get information from the competitors are through the use of intelligent spy to work in the other firm as an employee or to attend some research among other ways. All in all the intention of these activities is to bring down the competitor by obtaining their secret of success or by interfering with their systems. Some of the ethical standards that are needed to be applied to address the issues in the case studies include honesty. For instance, the people that are employed as an intelligent spy in the other firms to get data should be honest with the company that employs

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