Ethical obligations pornography.

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Digital Media: Discussion of Ethical Obligations Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Digital Media: Discussion of Ethical Obligations The digital media houses various ethical issues. The complex nature of digital media suggests that the technological innovation poses problems on ethical grounds. For example, the word “pornography” is associated with digital media, cyberspace, and the Internet. It simply means a sexual act committed by people through various channels. However, people need to define pornography first before exploring the ethical issues. Usually, the word “pornography” sounds similar to prostitution, which implies a sexually explicit activity. On the one hand, pornography as the sexually explicit act differs from the various forms of prostitution. On the other hand, its meaning depends on the culture and norms of the country. Towards the end, the phrase “sexually explicit activities” refers to the shows and sexual deeds quite ill-mannered and vulgar to the public. In exploring the role of the digital media, the general digital media users should be knowledgeable enough to distinguish between moral and immoral acts in presenting and sharing photos and videos online. Censoring the sexually explicit acts serves as the primary goal and role of the digital media. The presentation of genitals and other private parts of men and women on the medical books does not mean to be pornographic since the context and the visual was designed for educational purposes. The sexually explicit photos do not stir arousal since its main objective is for educational learning and training. The medical books that contain these nude bodies will only reveal

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