Ethical Issues With Program Evaluation

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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Ethical Issues with Bullying Program Evaluation Bullying prevention methods continue encountering ethical issues that might be the reasons behind the society’s failure to eradicate the problem. Bullying prevention programs lack ethical culture because there are not firm rules concerning bullying. Also, social institutions lack outlined disciplinary consequences for bullying culprits. On the same note, difficulties in preventing bullying incidences are experienced because the society is not well educated about the destructive impacts of the problem. The programs efforts to salvage the society from this form of immorality tend to fall on deaf ears because of the existing culture creates an ignorant and conservative society (Olweus & Limber, 2010). Failure to involve all stakeholders in bullying prevention programs is said to be an ethical issue affecting the program’s success. As such, institutions are not involving parents, the government and the local authorities in disciplinary issues that often lead to bullying. When the disciplinary level of a particular social institution is below the social standards, then the bullying prevention mechanism becomes weaker (Bowllan, 2011). Bullying as a social problem requires the intervention of all elements making up the society and exclusion of a certain group from a prevention program renders the whole process useless. There are no proper detection mechanisms for bullying incidences, and most of these cases go unreported. A program for preventing bullying needs to rely on accurate and authentic information to lay

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