Ethical Decision Making

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Ethical Decision-Making Ethical decision-making is a process that involves the evaluation as well as making choices among various alternatives based on ethical principles. The process entails selecting an alternative that is deemed ethically best through eliminating the options that are unethical. Ethical decision-making requires three basic concepts such as commitment, competence, and consciousness. The first concept of commitment entails having the desire of doing what is right irrespective of the cost. Consciousness entails having the awareness of acting in a consistent manner by exercising moral convictions. On the other hand, Competency entails being able to collect and evaluate the information with the aim of coming up with the best decision as far as the ethics are concerned (Corey et al, 2015). This paper will address confidentiality as one of the ethical issues related to working within a family system with the help of the feminist ethical decision-making models. Moreover, the paper will also cover the NOHS standards to clarify the dilemma. Confidentiality as an ethical issue Confidentiality is one of the most violated ethical issues at the workplace, including working within the family system. In most of the cases, working within the family system requires some level of confidentiality that some members are not ready to observe. Some information is always reserved for those in the management position, but mostly all the family members tend to think otherwise. Members of the family also argue that by the virtue of being the family members, they have the rights of accessing the information. As a result, there always exists a dilemma in regards to the extent of

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