Zone of Proximal Development

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- Zone of Proximal Development Name of Student Name of Institution Zone of Proximal Development What problems are related to integrating listening and speaking, reading, and writing in relation to the ZPD? In relation to ZPD; there are problems related to integrating listening and speaking, reading and writing. Issues with integrating listening and speaking, reading and writing may involve: Uneven participation- Some groups that appear more dominant than others during the process of learning speaking, reading and writing interfere with the overall instilment of these skills (Hamaguchi, 2010). Delving into the ZPD, there is an understanding that individuals require guidance from their instructors to acquire these skills. It becomes an unwarranted situation when uneven participation impedes their grasp of learning and speaking. Fear of making errors - Some individuals fear to make errors in listening and speaking hence leading to inhibition (Mahrooqi & Denman, 2015). ZPD recommends that instructors work toward influencing the minds of these learners. They should understand that shyness, criticism, and errors are inevitable in the acquisition of these skills. Reading and writing are also impeded by the fear of making these errors. Some learners may have speech and communication issues making it difficult for them to grasp these skills. Amotivation- Expectedly, there are situations where learners are unmotivated causing them to fail in the acquisition of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. ZPD, here, would advise individuals to imitate or focus on replicating the characteristics of other motivated learners. Use of native language(s) -

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