Zero Tolerances

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Zero Tolerances Zero tolerances policies are abruptly impacting many schools especially public schools. Furthermore, many schools are imposing severe punishments such as suspension, arrest, and expulsion to any crime committed inside the school surrounding. For example, the Gun-Free Schools Act policy that forces all schools to be expelled any student found possessing a gun or any concealed weapon within the school premises. These adverse punishments have enhanced the flow of students from school to juvenile systems. The issues of racial discrimination like desegregation of school, high poverty rate, and reduced school funding have influenced various criminal behaviors within the school environment. Hence, a psychological approach is needed to this newly adopted antisocial behavior. Therefore, the zero tolerance structure is not strategic in ending such behavior. Consequently, the zero tolerance policies have influenced the rise of students being expelled, arrested and suspended from school. Therefore, in the end, many students are forced to quit school or being institutionalized into juvenile correctional systems. More ever, zero tolerance influence the issue of stereotyping. The media over the time have been dwelling in zero tolerance concepts. Hence, every news media projecting the minority group students who are prone to violence involvement will influence the society to have the perspective that both Latino and Africa American are criminals in nature. Besides, zero tolerance impacts the school to jail pipeline through influencing increased security check up and excessive police presence in the school environment. For example, students are subjected to security

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