Youth Sport

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Name Instructor Course Date Youth Sport Youths’ sport is essential at every stage of their lives. It improves performance and social ethics such as behavior and attitude. The current day youth sport has faced challenges due to parent’s expectation. Parent often focuses on children’s win on the game for scholarships rather than providing them with a room of having fun rather than winning the games for the scholarship. Coaches and referees, on the other hand, have failed to address the youth’s capabilities in the field rather; a negative approach is often witnessed when the youths who fail to win the game. Discussion The sport’s organization policy should change its philosophy as an organization that works with the aim of increasing the capacity of the youth to have fun at the same time identify their abilities and weaknesses. The philosophy would enhance the coaches’ ability to address player’s challenges differently. Furthermore, it would build confidence among players (Gardner 9). The vision for the team would be to nurture talents and enhance athletics among the youth. The coaching would, therefore, identify different challenges faced in the youth sports, through this step the coach would develop a program to address the challenges faced by both children in the sports (Gardner 11). The goal of the team would be to produce the best player who would not only focus on winning the game but also understand the aspect of making the game as fun. The goal would be communicated to the player through the team members and outline the steps that would be carried out to ensure achievement of the goals on a timely basis. Summary The youth philosophy,

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