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My Education and Plan Experience My Responsibilities as a student Academic Responsibility: I have a responsibility for academic excellence before I complete my degree program. I will ensure that I fulfill my responsibility by engaging in free discussions, listening to my lecturer, inquiring for further direction and expressing myself where relevant. I have to make myself available so that I make the most out of my lecturers. Academic honesty: I am expected to carry out my academic matters in an honest and forthright manner. Cheating in my exams or misrepresentation of my work is an indictable offense and can lead to discontinuation of the program. General discipline: I have a responsibility to maintain high levels of discipline and abide by all the school regulations. Discipline takes into consideration all aspects of learning from conduct in class to how I associate with my fellow students. Severe disciplinary cases can bar me from completing my program. The value of creating an educational plan Educational planning is an essential component of academic excellence. In executing a plan, I will be able to own my take charge of my academic endeavors while making informed decisions that will propel me towards success. Through planning, I will be able to identify the various values, interests, and skills that I possess. As a student, my choice of career will be highly dependent on the plan I make right now. Planning is the only way through which I will achieve my goals. Barriers faced Inadequate academic preparation due to procrastination is a challenge I face, and I will overcome it by seeking guidance from my research supervisor, adhering to my academic plan

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