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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date History History is concerned with the study of how past events and occurrence help in shaping the modern society. Some perceive history as a boring subject that should not be taught either at the elementary or the high school level (Loewen, 32). In fact, they only recount on history when referring to past memorable and heroic events. After interaction with my partner, I realized that most people overlook and ignore the role played by history in shaping how the society makes decisions based on an evaluation of past events. History is made through evaluation of past events in a chronological manner. My partner reinstated Zinn’s idea and questioned why not all stories are published in the mainstream historical accounts. This queries the validity and reliability of the various sources of historical information as most of them tend to hide and veil the dark side of history (Zinn, Emery, and Reeves, 72). The question of legitimacy remains a controversial issue since history has been rewritten severally thus creating a loophole for generalization and bias. The society ought to be enlightened on the relevance of history to their current lives and their future lives. Humanity lives in the present but has always worried and planned about the future. There is a need to engage local and global communities in reassuring them that history is pivotal in influencing decision making and evaluation of community growth and development. We must acknowledge that history is not only the study of past events but an ongoing process that is pivotal in shaping the society (Loewen, 34). History has had several ethical

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