Written Assignment – Depression

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Depression Name Institution Affiliation Date Depression What would you tell your cousin about this disease? He needs to know that depression is a common disease which can affect anybody. Many great people like William Styron, Mike Wallace, Art Buchward, Dick Caveth among other great people overcame depression and lived normal lives. As much as he needs the support of friends and family to fight depression, personal initiative is fundamentally beneficial. If he does not fight depression with the aim of overcoming it, he is likely to suffer other ailments like osteoporosis in the long run. He must strive to heal so that he does not activate those cells in the brain which lead to depression. If these cells are continuously activated by stress or depression, they can lead to chronic depression which can make someone insane. He should not allow his life to be held hostage by depression. How would you help him find the best treatment possible? The best place where he can seek treatment is from institutions which specialize in such cases. Through such institutions both the family and the victim can be treated. The family needs to be treated because they are the first victims of the patient's symptoms. Depression leads to depletion of social support and a strain on economic resources or even desertion. In a specialized institution, treatment begins with correct diagnosis. When the patient eventually heals, with the assistance of friends and family, they can then address the core problems that could have lead to the illness. Conversely, the family needs to heal so that they embrace the victim and desert the problem (Gabbard, 2004). Another alternative place to

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