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Name Instructor Task Date Attachment 1. Attachment is the close emotional bonds created between children and their caregivers, guardians, or parents. It constitutes the foundation of all other relationships in both children’s and adult lives. The attachment children develop with their parents can greatly influence their adult lives, especially in intimate relationships. Children exhibit different types of attachment behavior that include smiling, gestures, and clinging. The way parents respond to these signals and behavior go a long way towards keeping and maintaining a close relationship with their children. It is also important to note that the separation of children from their carers or parents can occasion anxiety, and this is best explained by the behaviors they display. The way parents respond to their children’s needs plays a pivotal role in determining the bond they develop in their adult lives. The major styles of attachment often developed by children include secure, anxious, and avoidant attachments. Secure children are easily comfortable with themselves even when their parents leave them alone in a room. A child with an anxious and insecure attachment becomes extremely uncomfortable and distressed when separated from their parents, and are difficult to calm down after reuniting with the parent. A child with an avoidant style of attachment will not be distressed when separated from the parents and will become indifferent to the parent upon reuniting. These attachment styles depend on how the parents respond to the needs of the children. 2 Attachment styles manifest in daily interaction between parents and their children. Parents adapt different

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