Writer’s what should be done to reduce ocean pollution resulting from acidification

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NameProfessor’s name Unit Date Ocean pollution resulting from acidification Ocean pollution resulting from acidification is one of the many forms of pollutions that have adverse impacts on the environment. Ocean pollution has an adverse influence on the environment, and it ends up even affecting the economic status of the country. The Indian Ocean contributes significantly to the economic well-being of the country. The Indian Ocean has a lot of benefits to the country (Barnard and Hain 14). The increased pollution of the ocean has resulted in a decline in these benefits, therefore, creating the urge for the nation to come up with policies that will lead to a reduction in ocean pollution. Through the implementation of this policy, the country will join the international community in the efforts to reduce acidification of the oceans. The government will incorporate reducing ocean pollution as part of its development agenda. Therefore, this will be done by committing to eliminate all contributors of ocean acidification in the country gradually. The primary cause of ocean acidification is carbon pollution which is released when fossil fuel is burnt. Hence the policy will have to target ways of cutting down carbon pollution drastically. Since the burning of fossil fuel is the leading contributor of carbon emission the government should target reducing carbon emission by investing more in renewable energy sources. The government should invest more in renewable energies such as solar, wind and geothermal power. Private investors should be encouraged to play roles in this mission of reducing carbon emissions the government can give incentives to companies that use renewable

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